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Links for PMC's new and old.

With the .12 patch looming, and new players joining all the time, I thought I would create a post containing all the best and most relevant links to websites to aide new and old players alike. Below you will find a comprehensive list of the most useful pages I have found so far. Hope this is helpful, if you think it is, feel free to save the thread and share it to any new threads that pop up with titles like ‘New player, how do I find this key/exit’ or ‘New player, what mods can I use for this gun’, etc. If it gets enough upvotes and people think it is a good resource, I will keep it updated. Enjoy :D


This is a really handy resource as far as an ''outdated'' page for creating weapon builds from EFTDB. Select weapon at top, then select a mod for each slot. At the bottom of the page it will show you where you can buy the mods you selected and a rough price [actual price depends on various factors], along with the trader level required.
Note-1: If you mouse-hover the mods it will show its effect on weapon stats.
Note-2: It seems EFTDB is a bit outdated as some weapons and/or mods are missing, and trader levels may be different to current build. I still find it a really handy resource though, due to the ability to create weapon builds. Would love to see it updated.
This site has been mentioned as an alternative to EFTDB for making weapon builds, created by TarkovArmory. This one seems to be up to date, but is lacking pictures. They also seem to have a pretty good ammo chart on their website. Worth checking out.
As EFTDB is slightly out of date, you certainly can find all the up to date information on weapon attachments from the Gamepedia pages [below]. Select a weapon to see which mods will fit on it, or search the mod's name to be taken to its specific page. Or check the weapon mods page for tables of the mods and their +/- on attributes.
Below is a spreadsheet that shows the Optimum Weapon Builds for each weapon, created by Virion. So if you are a min/maxer, and don't want to go through the agony of experimenting with every mod for every weapon, this is a handy resource. The ones in BOLD are the current 'best' of their calibre/category.
Note: As mentioned on the spreadsheet itself, some of the images are outdated.


Another handy page from EFTDB is this one which shows each Tactical Rig, the rough price, if it can be traded for and from whom and what Loyalty Level required; along with the layout of the slots available in handy images.
Note: As mentioned above, EFTDB is slightly outdated, for example, there are a few rigs missing from this page. At the bottom of this article is a link to an infographic created by Veritas, which has a section showing all current rigs.


This is a good place to find all the best maps, compiled by GameMaps.co.uk but created by various people. I suggest where possible, when learning any raid, it can be helpful to have a map open on a second monitor if you have one, until you learn your way around. With enough experience you will learn the maps and points of interest better than the back of your hand, so the more you play the less you will need it. There is a selection of high quality maps for each raid, I am sure everyone will prefer one or another, I prefer the 3D maps where available. Some maps show spawns for keys and quest items/locations.


Next is the best place to find all the quests, and quest-guides. The folks who contribute to the Tarkov Gamepedia page are legit legends. Select the trader to see a table of their quests and rewards. Click on any individual quest and you will be greeted by a detailed guide of how to complete the quest, along with handy pictures and maps where necessary.
To go along with this, a handy guide to items you should be hoarding to finish quests. So you can be collecting things from your first raid you might use to complete a quest 2 weeks later. This image is updated when the quests are. There used to be a text-based list, which I found really handy, because I copy/pasted into a .txt file and updated it when I found new items from the list, this sadly I can no longer find.


If you want to know what the traders sell at loyalty level 4, but you are only LL1, these pages will give you an overview of what each trader has at each level. You can also see a table of their quests too if you expand that option, but I find the previous link provided above is handier for that purpose to be honest.
The Rapist - https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Therapist
Skier - https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Skier
Peacekeeper - https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Peacekeeper
Mechanic - https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Mechanic
Ragman - https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Ragman
Note-1: Fence Trader only sells things that PMC’s have traded to him, can be a handy place to find rare items sometimes [less so since the flea market was launched], but items generally are cheaper to buy directly from the traders if you have the required loyalty levels.
Note-2: The Flea Market is a player driven system where you can buy and sell items. Some items will be up for Roubles/Euros/Dollars and some will be up for trade for other items people might require.
Note-3: A few items, such as melee weapons can only be sold to Fence, or put on the Flea Market. Other items can only be sold to certain traders, for instance Therapist will not buy weapons, but is the only trader that will take meds from you [other than fence].
Note-4: Several items can be sold to several traders, but you will get a different price depending on which trader you sell it to. For instance, Therapist will give you the highest price for rare items like Roosters/Clocks/Rollers/Bitcoins/Gold Chains/Cat Figurines/Lion Statues.
Note-5: Even though certain items have a high price to trade in, it might be worth holding onto them to trade in for other items. For example, you can trade in 1 roller and 5 gold chains to Therapist for a Money Case, which you can then sell back to her for more money than if you just sold her the individual items, or can be put on the Flea Market if you prefer.
Below is a site showing a table of Barter Trades created by Sheiddy. It provides information regarding which items can be given to each trader in return for other items. It also displays where the original items can often be found, and the rough price of the items you can receive if you were to pay for them.


Next is the best key guide I have found, compiled by the United We Stand gaming community, specifically The Velvet Gentleman. As far as I am aware, this is the only key guide worth looking at. It informs you of which keys are available on each map, what is behind the door, and where you can find said key if it has a static spawn [most of which have pictures of the spawn]. There is even some colour coding going on so you can quickly pick out the most valuable keys/rooms.
Note-1: Be aware that not all keys have a static spawn, and some will have to be found on scavs. Also keep in mind that just because a key has a static spawn, doesnt mean you won't/can't find it on a Scav. You can literally spawn as a Scav with any of these keys, barring KIBA#2 I believe.
Note-2: Worth considering, KIBA key #2 is gained by completing a quest for Mechanic; and KIBA key #1 has a static spawn, but I personally found one on a scav this wipe [11.7], and it can also be traded from Therapist to the tune of 50x condensed milk.


Ammo Chart from Hazmattr, this one is broken down into calibre, so easy to follow imo. It seems to be fully up to date. It also shows the trader you can buy said ammo from, and the level you need to be with said trader, there is also a gamepedia link to any quests required to unlock each ammo. I find this easier to navigate than the official ammo guide sheet due to the layout.
Of course, you can always check the official ammo chart provided by Battle State Games [below].
Note: BSG has a habit of changing the values of ammunition and not releasing an up to date chart until weeks and/or months later. They will undoubtedly be changing things with .12, and will be adding new ammo types; hopefully they release the new chart with the wipe.
Also worth mentioning in context of ammo is this chart by NoFoodAfterMidnight, which shows your chance for each ammo to penetrate each armour class, along with fragmentation chance. This is the best way to work out which ammo you should be running with each gun when going against highly geared players.
Note-1: As mentioned above briefly, some ammunition types are only available after finishing certain trader quests. So don’t expect to be buying the best ammo as soon as you join the game. That being said, you will be able to find all the ammo’s on the flea market, but at the beginning of a wipe period, these will be placed on there by PMC’s with higher levels at inflated prices as and when they are unlocked.
Note-2: Depending on your target, ammo with high flesh damage or high armour penetration is going to be relevant. If you shoot high flesh damage ammo at high end armour, you might as well be shooting a water pistol at a battleship.
Note-3: Legs are never armoured, so feel free to use high flesh damage ammo on even the tankiest players, as long as you can get enough rounds into their legs before they merc you. This playstyle is not always the best idea, as sometimes peoples legs are obscured, and it will take a few rounds, giving the enemy time to turn and spray you down.
Note-4: Firing shotguns at reasonable-to-good armour is like shooting a Nerf gun at the Empire State Building. Firing shotguns at legs is like shooting a flame thrower at an ant!

Honourable Mentions

Perhaps an under-appreciated site, which I have rarely seen mentioned on reddit, is this one by J James. He has a Key guide [with images], Mod Compatibility guide [select or search mod to see what it fits], Weapon Mod Compatibility guide [select weapon to see what will fit on it]. There is also another breakdown of which items the traders possess by level similar to the ones from gamepedia I linked above. This seems to be a solo project by J James and a labour of love, props to him.
Below is a massive infographic created by Veritas providing visual reference guides for things like Ballistics, health items, Firearm attributes [outdated], armour stats, rig slots, bag sizes, and labs keycard locations [some of them, not all]
This next one, EFT Field Guide, has various resources. A keyguide where you select the key and it will show you a map with spawn point indicated; a sort-able ammo chart; a sort-able list of items showing their values, and more importantly their value-per-slot; a checklist feature where individuals can create a list of items they need/want to collect; and a list of popular youtubers/streamers.
This last one is a new player guide that may be useful to some. Created by Tax (Jonathan Ballard), this guide covers many of the basics a new player might require. Just FYI though, this was created over a year ago and as such some features are missing. I only quickly skimmed through it, but the top half seems pretty sound, and does give some pretty solid advice for newbie Tarkovians. It is displayed in a way that reminds me of the handbooks that used to come with video games when I was a kid, nostalgia.

I cannot give enough credit to the guys and gals that have made these sites. These people as far as I know have done this for the love of the game, and I think they deserve a pat on the back for their work. Kudos to the creators, whomever they may be. Most of the sites mentioned seem to be regularly updated with new content when BSG releases it, so they will be crucial to keeping people informed when .12 drops. Any that are outdated have been noted as such.
Hope this helps some new players out, and maybe even some experienced Tarkovians. If you think of anything that would fit well on this list, comment below and I will update the main article. See you in the field my Cheekis.
Contributors: Credit to u/Danger597 for link to Virion's Optimum Weapon Builds. Credit to u/Dracborne/ for link to Sheiddy's Barter Guide. Credit to u/ZombieToof/ for link to TarkovArmory weapon build site. Credit to u/betajosh711 for link to EFT Field Guide. Credit to u/mmm3k3/ for link to Tax's Player Guide.
Final Note: I didn't include youtube guides as there are many youtubers out there that create good video based guides. If this article does well though, I may create a separate article showcasing some of the best.
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Armory always says "node offline"

Any help would be appreciated. I've been searching online for the past two days but all of the similar issues I've found were from at least 1 year ago and didn't help me resolve my issue.
Basically I've been trying to re-sync my Armory for a few weeks now. After some issues I just reset all of my databases and let Bitcoin Core rebuild everything (took a long time). Two days ago it finally finished and now I'm trying to get Armory to sync up in order to transfer a tiny amount of old coins in the wallet that I bought many years ago.
Every time I open Armory it syncs normally but it also indicates in the bottom right corner "node offline" which I don't know how to resolve. Bitcoin Core is definitely fully caught up and Armory is reading the blocks from the right directory on my computer. I've also tried running Bitcoin Core in the background manually instead of letting Armory start it up on its own but I don't see a difference.

Is there something simple I am missing?
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Where to spend Bitcoin

In the light of the exciting Bitcoin bullish run (BTC reached the mark of $5300), we bet you started thinking on how to spend your hard-earned wealth the best way. Despite the asset is officially legitimized only in Japan, adoption is spreading worldwide, with setting up new businesses, startups, retailers and other services accepting BTC as a way of buying. So, let’s find out how to spend the most popular cryptocurrency in real life:
- Food. Let us tell you a classic story that gave a boost to offline BTC usage. Almost 9 years ago, laszlo, the Bitcointalk user started a thread where he offered to pay BTC for a couple of pizzas. The most expensive (and we hope really delicious) 2 Papa John’s pizza cost 10,000 Bitcoin or 53,000,000 in USD equivalent for today. If your heart hasn’t skipped a beat or your palms haven’t started sweating - please ask somebody to check your pulse.Even though there are plenty of delivery services that accept BTC, frankly, it wouldn’t be wise to spend all your crypto on slices of pizza, so let’s jump to another option...
Gift cards! That’s the easiest way to buy products with the cryptocurrency, either online and offline. Several websites allow users to buy gift cards for Bitcoins. Thus, having such cards people can later use them to buy regular goods in online and offline stores and services like Nike, eBay, or Uber, etc.
- Travel. Are you a travel junkie and got some bitcoins to spend? Here is a couple of win-win scenarios for you: > Brisbane Airport, the 3rd busiest hub in Australia has started to accept cryptocurrencies including BTC in partnership with payments provider Travelbybit. All the merchants and airport terminals accept various digital assets. > Also, you can book Airbnb rentals for BTC using a gift card provider Bitrefill. As for now, this feature is available only for U.S residents. > In case you still have spare bitcoins, you may also visit Travala.com - the service allowing BTC payments for plenty of hotels all over the world.-
Tips. There are things crypto can’t buy, for this, there's Mastercard Tippin.me - a browser extension enabling receiving #BTC tips on Twitter. So, did you like someone’s post or want to express your appreciation? Give’em a crypto tip! Please note both of you must have Tippin account for that.-
Charity. Using crypto for charity has enormous advantages over fiat money - transfers transparency and the ability to track all financial flows as they come. You can support various charity organizations and projects (starting from support for people in need ending by building the biggest digital library of the future). You can learn more about how to use #crypto for charity in our article.
- Entertainment. Good news for Netflix fans: One of the biggest streaming services is setting the pace of mass adoption. People can purchase and renew subscriptions with Bitcoin and a few other cryptos. We hope that is only for a start and other services will join crypto enthusiasts soon.-
Gaming. In blockchain gaming, you can either pay in BTC to buy special equipment and armory or even get rewards in digital assets! For instance, Changelly’s partners Buntoy and Enjin game wallets to enable crypto payments in their gaming universes.Also, Microsoft users can make BTC deposits into their Microsoft accounts to purchase games, movies, and apps available in the Windows and Xbox stores.That’s all for April 2019!
Changellions, no matter whether you spend crypto on something or decide to HODL, all together, we are making steps towards mass-adoption. And, in case, you are looking for a tool to buy/sell crypto quick and easy, please visit your good old friend - Changelly!
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Answered Questions from GFL's November Twitter and FB Q&A

Yup, its that time of the month again.
This post is meant to compile all the answered questions in one place, for easy reference. I'll try to keep this as updated as I can
Ask questions on Twitter or Facebook
Today's TwitteFB Q&A is more or less over. If you missed it or have any unanswered questions, the Reddit Q&A's tomorrow. and the discord one on the 14th
Questions about dates (release dates, schedules, etc.)
Q: When will you guys release the name change bundle again?
A: I think you will need to wait for at least a month or two.
Q: When we will get Arctic Warfare?
A: For now, all I can tell is that it will be no later than February. Faeries are unlikely to be implemented before AW
Q: When will the Halloween and School gatcha costumes be added to black card exchange ?
A: Reading Club gacha will be added to Black Card Exchange when the next gacha comes out while Halloween gacha needs to wait for 2 more gachas. Basically every nth gacha will join Black Card Exchange when No. n+2 gacha is online.
Q: Will we have a wider variety of 2/3/5 Star AR T-Dolls incoming for the ENG version?
A: Yes, I think we can expect to have more 3-5 star AR T-Dolls in the future.
Q: When xm8 will be added into the production pool ?
A: I think you will have to wait for a while. She is unlikely to come out in the first half of next year.
Q: What is the costume gacha this month going to consist of?
A: We will announce it soon, so please let me stay silent for now.
Q: Will TMP come next month?
A: Unlikely
Q: When will we get ak12 and an94?
A: Not before the 4th major event Singularity.
Q: When will we get MDR, K5, and K2?
A: None of them is likely to come out before the second quarter of next year.
Q: In your calculations, when would we be able to catch up with CN server?
A: Our current plan is to reach the point where we are only 1 or 2 major events behind CN server, but this really depends. We may not be able to fully catch up, since we need time to do the translation, testing, adjustment and potential bug fix, but we won't fall behind too much.
Q: Any ETA for chapter 8 on the main story?
A: Story of Chapter 8 is related to the major event Arctic Warfare, so we are not going to see it before the event. Answer to a related question on chapter 9: Chapter 9 is likely to come out after the 3rd major event.
Q: DSR50 when?
A: Probably after 2 more major events.
Q: SPAS-12 when?
A: SPAS-12 will probably be in the next batch of SG T-Dolls.
Q: How long approximately until Ch.09 is released?
A: Probably after the 3rd major events, as the story of this chapter is related to the event.
Q: When will we get a new client? (CN got a new beta client recently)
A: We need to finish the new client first. Only after that can we begin to construct the new EN client.
Q: Will AEK 999 costume coming anytime soon?
A: At least not in this year.
Q: Are there any plans to rerelease the very first skin batch (the party dress one)? Since its also missing sr3-mp skin too
A: The bundle for SR-3MP will be released later, and there will probably be a rerun for this gacha in the future. (In a similar question, SR-3MP's costume was said to be coming probably next year)
Q: I see it in the loading screens and the like but when's the "Café" mode coming?
A: We should have it in this year.
Q: If you are planning to catch with the CN server, are we going to get some gachas ahead of their time? (i.e. seasonal gachas).
A: The chance is there. We are still discussing about this.
Q: Can we expect T-5000 to be added before the end of the year?
A: She may come out in this year.
Q: When are we getting M1014?
A: I don't think we are getting her before the second quarter of next year.
Q: When will RFB and her costume come out?
A: She may come out in December, but her costume will not.
Q: Any idea when steyr AUG comes out?
A: Probably in the first half of next year.
Q: Will we get G36 children skin for free like JP server?
A: Probably, though I cannot tell for sure
Q: Any plan for rescue event / 4&5* general rate-up at december?
A: Not any to my knowledge. The rescue event is likely to come in January.
Q: When will we get C-MS?
A: Not before the second half of 2019, can be later.
Q: Do you have any idea when AA-12 and K11 will be added?
A: Not anytime soon.
Q: Is it possible to get an estimate for when Ameli will be released?
A: Within this year or early 2019.
Q: When are we getting Tac-50?
A: I don't think it would be anytime soon.
Q: When we will get the next 1.5 exp event?
A: The next will probably be in early 2019.
Q: Is OTs-14 going to be available again soon?
A: She will probably become available again in Cube+(a rerun of Cube).
Q: How often will those 7 Day Frontline Supply events occur?
A: Only once, unless we update it again.
Q: Will Chapter 6 night be after fairy release?
A: It will probably come out before fairies.
Q: When will PZB-39 be added?
A: I'm afraid that it won't be any soon.
Q: Can youu add more regular t-dolls between events next time?
A: I think every batch of regular T-Dolls will consist of 5-6 T-Dolls. There may be times that we have more, but the general pace will not change much.
Q: With the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear collab announced, can we hope to see the huge DJMAX collab event in the near future?
A: Unlikely in the near future, but I think we may have it later.
Q: When will Digimind upgrade come?
A: Not before Singularity
Q: Are we gonna have the 5* pick soon?
A: I'm afraid that we are not getting it soon
Q: Will there be giveaways on December?
A: Christmas mail? Yes.
Q: Will there be children's day skins on EN?
A: There will be Children's Day costumes, though I cannot reveal the release date yet. (An answer to a related question stated that the Children's Day costumes should be coming next year)
Q: Will we get other server exclusive T-doll like how Japan have theirs and china?
A: If you are talking about exclusive T-Dolls in other server, I think we will get some of them in the future.
Q: When will G36's wedding costume be released?
A: Won't be anytime soon
Q: Will we ever get 2-for-1 deals on Oath Certificates like in the other servers?
A: Yes, I think we will have the deal in the future.
Q: How will the release schedule of non story related Digimind upgrades be like?
A: The schedule may not strictly follow the ones for older servers, but we are unlikely to have them all from day one.
Q: Can I expect an event that has a limited drop of Five-Seven this year?
A: Unlikely, should be in next year.
Q: Will Cube+ come by mid 2019?
A: Kind of, though it can come earlier.
Q: Any idea on the release of Saiga-12?
A: Probably in the first quarter of next year.
Q: When are we getting M590's (CNY) skin?
A: I don't think it would be any soon.
Gameplay Questions
Q: Will there ever be another opportunity to obtain SASS? i wasnt playing when she first came out but have been playing ever since.
A: The callback event is one way, but I assume that you are an active player, so the event is not for you. Still, she will probably become available again as limited drop in some events in the future.
Q: Will there be more development for Type 63? like a new costume or maybe a Digimind upgrade?
A: For now that costume is all we got for her. Digimind? Maybe, but that's not what I can talk about.
Q: Will there any live 2d costume that we can just buy, not by resupply?
A: As far as I know, there isn't any for now, though I cannot tell for sure if this will change in the future.
Q: In the anniv, can we select one dolls for free?
A: Probably.
Q: Will the dolls ever be able to interact with the dorm pets?
A: To my knowledge there is no such plans for now. Let's hope it will change in the future.
Q: Do you plan on translate and sub the rest of the lines the Dolls speak, to be available on the Index?
A: Unlikely. Those lines are not supposed to be visible.
Q: A lot of players complain about not having much to do and the game having too much time between each event or playable content being added, will we see any increase in the pacing of the game? if so how big? or is it going to continue like it has since launch?
A: We will see a generally faster pace in the future. I cannot reveal how big the increase will be but you can expect to see major events and contents release more frequently.
Q: Will the collaboration skins be able to be bought using gems later on?
A: Costumes from the GG & BB collab can only be bought with real money. The most expensive one should cost no more than $30
** Followup question: Will the future collab costumes be the same (buyable only with real money)?**
A: That depends. Some of them may be purchasable with gems, like those from DJMAX collab.
Q: Will you be re-releasing event specific dolls? (specifically Five-Seven)
A: Yes, they will probably become limited drop later.
Q: With the popularity of corpse dragging for leveling, will we ever be able to optionally resupply a single T-Doll instead of an entire echelon? It would be a greatly appreciated feature by the community, I think.
A: I'm afraid that this is unlikely to happen.
Q: How is it going the patch to fix the memory leak problems the game has after leaving it open for a long time?
A: We are making the new patch, but we still need more time.
Q: Will you guys considering to turning back the voice playback like the old one? I'm sorry to said this.. the overlapping voice update is annoying. Lot of my friends been turning off the game voice too since this update.
A: I will suggest a toggle in the next patch, since we are getting some similar reports recently.
Q: Will you ever implement real coop missions and more meaningful mini events like raids and seasonal missions with unique rewards?
A: I think we do have plans for more gameplay features, but I can't reveal much now.
Q: can we get a change for Support Echelons where they don't have the "Capture HQ" option during Night Battles?
A: Reasonable. Will suggest this to the devs.
Q: Can you add in notifications towards T-Doll and Equipment production upon completion?
A: It's up to the devs. Anyway I will let them know about this.
Q: How big is chance to got some costume on radiant collections?
A: Should be no different from normal gachas.
Q: Are there any plans for an EN exclusive unit?
A: Sorry but I can' really talk about this.
Q: In the collaboration event will we get the collaboration T-dolls through production, or via missions?
A: One of the event T-Doll will be the clear reward, while the other can be obtained as map drop or loot reward.
Q: I wanna know if we will have collaboration with other games? CoD and Metal Slug cones to mind...
A: We will have more collaborations in the future, though I cannot reveal any details now.
Q: Once the event concludes, there will be no other way to obtain the special Dolls Noel and Elphet, along with their respective outfits, correct?
A: Yes, both the T-Dolls and the event costumes will be unobtainable.
Q: I see garage and intelligence center in the dropdown for auxiliary rooms in the dorm, is there any info you can shed on what they will do or when they will be added to the game?
A: They are for the fire support units which will be implemented in the future.
Q: Is there in mind ways for users to obtain tokens more often? Grinding them takes quite some time and spending them them that fast does hurt a bit.
A: To my knowledge there won't be much change for this part.
Q: What, in your opinion, is the best possible production combination for normal and heavy production? I've been trying to get IWS and others but have hit the lowest of my luck in this game, any help?
A: I don't think it is suitable for us to reveal any recipes.
Q: Will there be a way to change your adjutant back to the default setting of "whoever is leading echelon 1"? I really liked that option but once I changed it I can't change it back. Even better would be an option that shows someone at random from your armory.
A: I think this has already been suggested to the devs. Let's hope there will be improvements later.
Q: Are there official formula for calculating battery from confort?
A: I'm afraid that I cannot reveal the formula for comfort.
Q: Can we get a feature to auto-retire t-dolls obtained in battle. Either by grade or type?
A: Don't know if it is possible, but I will suggest to the devs.
Q: Does specialized recipes exist for T-Dolls as well?
A: I think that would still be a question that I can't answer.
Misc Questions
Q: What happened on the CN server about the Valkyria Chronicles collab?
A: I can't answer this question
Q: Are we getting split screen support back?
A: For now it is disabled out of concern for stability, but I cannot tell for sure if it will be available again later. It really depends.
Q: Will you guys be doing any booths or appearances at upcoming or future Anime conventions/exhibitions?
A: We do have plans for conventions, but it will take some time to realize.
Q: Will there be any plan to sell GFL merchandise online in the global region?
A: Yes, we do have such plans, but we still need more time to do so.
Q: Is it possible to have a global server for en and jp similar to Granblue. Like single server that can toggle EN and JP languages? Also, is it OK to add subtitles on the battle phases?
A: For now I don't think we will have the toggle. The current UI has undergone many changes to have the English text fit into it, so the toggle means another set of UI and related picture assets, and the size of the game will be unacceptable.
Q: when is the top up bonus going come back? you know, like the bonus gems you get from the first purchase of that particular gem bundle?
A: It may get reset annually, though I cannot guarantee that this will be the same for EN server.
Q: Considering JP's current content pacing, will EN and JP will eventually run alongside in terms of contents and events? Or EN will keep its pace the way it is?
A: The EN server is following its own schedule, so the release of contents will not be synchronized in the two servers.
Q: English dubbed voices a possibility?
A: To my knowledge we do not have such plans for now.
Q: Since the game is more contents which the game size is getting bigger and heavier, have you considered the suggestion implementing the other option where you can download the game patch in SD card ?
A: I'm afraid that we do not have such plans for now.
Q: Are we getting the Honkai collab?
A: I don't think I'm allowed to talk about this.
Q: Any plans on releasing it on SEA?
A: Yes, we are considering release a global version next year.
Q: Will the official manga have a english version?
A: Can't tell for sure now.
Q: Not exclusive to Global but is there any possibility of a 'Dolls not yet collected' filter being added to the index?
A: Sounds reasonable. Will suggest this to the devs.
Q: Will there ever be a co-op mode/guild implemented into the game? I have multiple ideas of how it COULD be implemented if yall wanted to make it happen, but am curious on what yall have to say about these thoughts.
A: For now there is no such plans, but there is a chance that more interactive elements being added to the game.
Q: Will you fix the misplaced display for some characters? (DP28 for example)
A: Yes, we need more time to do a thorough check as the problem happens in multiple servers.
Q: About the game size which getting bigger for every update (3.5 GB rn), do you have any solution for players who have memories problem?
A: I'm afraid that for now we cannot significantly reduce the size of the game as the picture and sound assets take up much space.
Q: Are you satisfied about the community and how you've done with the game since the launch of the EN game?
A: I think we have done an okay job, but there are also improvements we can make in the future. Also, I think our community is really nice.
Q: Will we ever get a 4* pick ticket?
A: Yes, I think we will have one at some point.
Q: Why is maintenance on a Tuesday?
A: No specific reasons. We just picked a day. In another related question, this was the answer: It doesn't have to be on Tuesday, but this suits our working schedule best.
Q: What is third-party on payment methode? I see it on announcements but never know what is it
A: Like someone who claims that they can buy you gems.
Q: So if the SEA server is open, will there be any option to migrate ID there?
A: Still under discussion
Q: Will the music from the Girls' Frontline Orchestra event be released anywhere?
A: Honestly I don't know much about this either.
Q: Do you accept bitcoin as valid payment?
A: We accept any payment approved by Apple/Google.
Q: Any chance Tuesday maintenance can start 5 minutes after daily reset so we can have some time to use simulation points?
A: Sounds interesting. I will talk about this with the team.
Q: Will there ever be doll or equipment trading?
A: To my knowledge there isn't going to be any in the near future.
Q: Will the costume bundles get a rerun in the future?
A: I'm afraid that there won't be any for costume bundles.
Q: Any easier way to top up gems? Google play bit difficult for me
A: Unlikely, it is prohibited to add any payment option other than the direct Google top-up.
Q: Will you try to make to adversite the game more to get more people to play it , or do u think the game it's fine with the current playerbase it has?
A: We will probably have an advertising campaign upon the release of the collaboration.
Q: Would it be possible to enable us to move the game to an sd card? The game is getting big and I'd like to save space on my internal memory
A: I'm sorry but we do not have such plans for now.
Fluff Questions
Q: Why is SOPMOD so damn cute?
A: Because she was born to be so?
Q: Is Kar-98k your favourite t-doll, why?
A: She is one of my favorite. I like the way she looks and I'm a big fan of rifles.
Q: Which dolls would you : - pat, - oath, and - corpsedrag?
A: Zas Zas Zas
Q: How long will it take before M99 comes home?
A: When you see the 04:55:00 timer?
Q: What's in an GFL MRE ration?
A: Just normal MRE.
Q: What species is G41?
A: That's probably one of the biggest mystery in the game.
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Hi, genuine question here about getting started mining bitcoin?

So I decided to redo bitcoin mining this week after doing it in 2013 for a while. I used this essential starter guide:
Along with these links:
and used Armory:

My issue is I get to here with starting it all before Armory just exits after a while and the command prompt hangs.
Any help is much appreciated ^_^
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350 bitcoins, encrypted wallet.dat deleted - lost forever?

I know I am insanely stupid. There is no need to be upset and yell that at me through the screen. I am happy to not be a gun owner because tonight I would have killed myself. I am posting this because countless others have posted similar stories whereby they learned important lessons the hard way due to lack of technical knowledge. In my case, the reason for this lack of knowledge was likely, ironically, the same reason I bought some bitcoins: drugs. I won't get into that. What I will post is where I went wrong, and where I'm at now.
Here's the full story: I had a securely encrypted wallet.dat with about 400 bitcoins on it that were purchased back at $10 or so. I pulled said wallet out of cold storage recently to cash money out of this wallet a few times to get some gift cards from gyft.com. I missed something ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL in my understanding of encrypted wallets.
When you send money, your wallet.dat file changes. You ABSOLUTELY MUST make new backups before deleting this file. Please don't do what I did and simply disregard this file after making changes on the blockchain...and then, on the same PC (sigh) proceed to reinstall StarCraft II when it fails to run due to Virtu MVP being retarded, ruining any shot at recovery (NONO #2: NEVER run bitcoin on your primary machine FOR ANY REASON).
I was a fool. Now I'm staring at TestDisk and File Manager in Parted Magic (linux boot disc) in total, absolute disbelief. Unless my data is stored within ".sst" files (never worked with these before and I can't figure out what they are with google, though it looks like fucking chrome shit because I leave it open all the time), which it may be, I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll try GetDataBack NTFS next. Maybe I can actually read filenames proper more effectively there? Does anyone have experience with this?
I have turned off the main PC and booted it up into parted magic so there is no data being written to the drive anymore. If there is ANY shot at this wallet.dat being recovered I am not screwing myself over any more now.
If anyone helps me out with this, I will compensate you generously. I am scared and lost. I never deserved bitcoin to begin with. If I can't get them back...well...enjoy the value appreciation, I guess, everyone. =( Such shame I have never felt; such guilt I may never feel again.
I have tried my old wallet.dat files repeatedly before coming to the realization that encrypted wallets change with each and every transaction...and the one backup I thought I made (moved, not copied) says it is corrupt.
It's easy to pretend what this feels like, but it's much worse in person. Educate yourselves and split up your wallets - now. Don't let this happen to you. If anyone is a kind soul and willing to help, feel free to PM me.
EDIT: I just recovered everything with an old wallet.dat. Tonight I went full tard. Luckily, this was a throwaway. I will never forget this...all of you came together to help, to suggest, to fucking CARE.
I WILL NOW TAKE TOMORROW OFF (sick day since I still feel sick as hell) TO FIX MY OTHER ISSUES WITH THE WALLET (aka putting all my eggs in one basket, keeping on a machine that is not specifically fucking made only for bitcoin, not using electrum/armory, not having my primary storage machine OFFLINE, etc.) All of you - ALL of you - are less selfish and less stupid than me. You should all feel amazing.
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Greg Maxwell /u/nullc (CTO of Blockstream) has sent me two private messages in response to my other post today (where I said "Chinese miners can only win big by following the market - not by following Core/Blockstream."). In response to his private messages, I am publicly posting my reply, here:

Greg Maxell nullc sent me 2 short private messages criticizing me today. For whatever reason, he seems to prefer messaging me privately these days, rather than responding publicly on these forums.
Without asking him for permission to publish his private messages, I do think it should be fine for me to respond to them publicly here - only quoting 3 phrases from them, namely: "340GB", "paid off", and "integrity" LOL.
There was nothing particularly new or revealing in his messages - just more of the same stuff we've all heard before. I have no idea why he prefers responding to me privately these days.
Everything below is written by me - I haven't tried to upload his 2 PMs to me, since he didn't give permission (and I didn't ask). The only stuff below from his 2 PMs is the 3 phrases already mentioned: "340GB", "paid off", and "integrity". The rest of this long wall of text is just my "open letter to Greg."
TL;DR: The code that maximally uses the available hardware and infrastructure will win - and there is nothing Core/Blockstream can do to stop that. Also, things like the Berlin Wall or the Soviet Union lasted for a lot longer than people expected - but, conversely, the also got swept away a lot faster than anyone expected. The "vote" for bigger blocks is an ongoing referendum - and Classic is running on 20-25% of the network (and can and will jump up to the needed 75% very fast, when investors demand it due to the inevitable "congestion crisis") - which must be a massive worry for Greg/Adam/Austin and their backers from the Bilderberg Group. The debate will inevitably be decided in favor of bigger blocks - simply because the market demands it, and the hardware / infrastructure supports it.
Hello Greg Maxwell nullc (CTO of Blockstream) -
Thank you for your private messages in response to my post.
I respect (most of) your work on Bitcoin, but I think you were wrong on several major points in your messages, and in your overall economic approach to Bitcoin - as I explain in greater detail below:
Correcting some inappropriate terminology you used
As everybody knows, Classic or Unlimited or Adaptive (all of which I did mention specifically in my post) do not support "340GB" blocks (which I did not mention in my post).
It is therefore a straw-man for you to claim that big-block supporters want "340GB" blocks. Craig Wright may want that - but nobody else supports his crazy posturing and ridiculous ideas.
You should know that what actual users / investors (and Satoshi) actually do want, is to let the market and the infrastructure decide on the size of actual blocks - which could be around 2 MB, or 4 MB, etc. - gradually growing in accordance with market needs and infrastructure capabilities (free from any arbitrary, artificial central planning and obstructionism on the part of Core/Blockstream, and its investors - many of whom have a vested interest in maintaining the current debt-backed fiat system).
You yourself (nullc) once said somewhere that bigger blocks would probably be fine - ie, they would not pose a decentralization risk. (I can't find the link now - maybe I'll have time to look for it later.) I found the link:
I am also surprised that you now seem to be among those making unfounded insinuations that posters such as myself must somehow be "paid off" - as if intelligent observers and participants could not decide on their own, based on the empirical evidence, that bigger blocks are needed, when the network is obviously becoming congested and additional infrastructure is obviously available.
Random posters on Reddit might say and believe such conspiratorial nonsense - but I had always thought that you, given your intellectual abilities, would have been able to determine that people like me are able to arrive at supporting bigger blocks quite entirely on our own, based on two simple empirical facts, ie:
  • the infrastructure supports bigger blocks now;
  • the market needs bigger blocks now.
In the present case, I will simply assume that you might be having a bad day, for you to erroneously and groundlessly insinuate that I must be "paid off" in order to support bigger blocks.
Using Occam's Razor
The much simpler explanation is that bigger-block supporters believe will get "paid off" from bigger gains for their investment in Bitcoin.
Rational investors and users understand that bigger blocks are necessary, based on the apparent correlation (not necessarily causation!) between volume and price (as mentioned in my other post, and backed up with graphs).
And rational network capacity planners (a group which you should be in - but for some mysterious reason, you're not) also understand that bigger blocks are necessary, and quite feasible (and do not pose any undue "centralization risk".)
As I have been on the record for months publicly stating, I understand that bigger blocks are necessary based on the following two objective, rational reasons:
  • because I've seen the graphs; and
  • because I've seen the empirical research in the field (from guys like Gavin and Toomim) showing that the network infrastructure (primarily bandwidth and latency - but also RAM and CPU) would also support bigger blocks now (I believe they showed that 3-4MB blocks would definitely work fine on the network now - possibly even 8 MB - without causing undue centralization).
Bigger-block supporters are being objective; smaller-block supporters are not
I am surprised that you no longer talk about this debate in those kind of objective terms:
  • bandwidth, latency (including Great Firewall of China), RAM, CPU;
  • centralization risk
Those are really the only considerations which we should be discussing in this debate - because those are the only rational considerations which might justify the argument for keeping 1 MB.
And yet you, and Adam Back adam3us, and your company Blockstream (financed by the Bilderberg Group, which has significant overlap with central banks and the legacy, debt-based, violence-backed fiat money system that has been running and slowing destroying our world) never make such objective, technical arguments anymore.
And when you make unfounded conspiratorial, insulting insinuations saying people who disagree with you on the facts must somehow be "paid off", then you are now talking like some "nobody" on Reddit - making wild baseless accusations that people must be "paid off" to support bigger blocks, something I had always thought was "beneath" you.
Instead, Occams's Razor suggests that people who support bigger blocks are merely doing so out of:
  • simple, rational investment policy; and
  • simple, rational capacity planning.
At this point, the burden is on guys like you (nullc) to explain why you support a so-called scaling "roadmap" which is not aligned with:
  • simple, rational investment policy; and
  • simple, rational capacity planning
The burden is also on guys like you to show that you do not have a conflict of interest, due to Blockstream's highly-publicized connections (via insurance giant AXA - whose CED is also the Chairman of the Bilderberg Group; and companies such as the "Big 4" accounting firm PwC) to the global cartel of debt-based central banks with their infinite money-printing.
In a nutshell, the argument of big-block supporters is simple:
If the hardware / network infrastructure supports bigger blocks (and it does), and if the market demands it (and it does), then we certainly should use bigger blocks - now.
You have never provided a counter-argument to this simple, rational proposition - for the past few years.
If you have actual numbers or evidence or facts or even legitimate concerns (regarding "centralization risk" - presumably your only argument) then you should show such evidence.
But you never have. So we can only assume either incompetence or malfeasance on your part.
As I have also publicly and privately stated to you many times, with the utmost of sincerity: We do of course appreciate the wealth of stellar coding skills which you bring to Bitcoin's cryptographic and networking aspects.
But we do not appreciate the obstructionism and centralization which you also bring to Bitcoin's economic and scaling aspects.
Bitcoin is bigger than you.
The simple reality is this: If you can't / won't let Bitcoin grow naturally, then the market is going to eventually route around you, and billions (eventually trillions) of investor capital and user payments will naturally flow elsewhere.
So: You can either be the guy who wrote the software to provide simple and safe Bitcoin scaling (while maintaining "reasonable" decentralization) - or the guy who didn't.
The choice is yours.
The market, and history, don't really care about:
  • which "side" you (nullc) might be on, or
  • whether you yourself might have been "paid off" (or under a non-disclosure agreement written perhaps by some investors associated the Bilderberg Group and the legacy debt-based fiat money system which they support), or
  • whether or not you might be clueless about economics.
Crypto and/or Bitcoin will move on - with or without you and your obstructionism.
Bigger-block supporters, including myself, are impartial
By the way, my two recent posts this past week on the Craig Wright extravaganza...
...should have given you some indication that I am being impartial and objective, and I do have "integrity" (and I am not "paid off" by anybody, as you so insultingly insinuated).
In other words, much like the market and investors, I don't care who provides bigger blocks - whether it would be Core/Blockstream, or Bitcoin Classic, or (the perhaps confusingly-named) "Bitcoin Unlimited" (which isn't necessarily about some kind of "unlimited" blocksize, but rather simply about liberating users and miners from being "limited" by controls imposed by any centralized group of developers, such as Core/Blockstream and the Bilderbergers who fund you).
So, it should be clear by now I don't care one way or the other about Gavin personally - or about you, or about any other coders.
I care about code, and arguments - regardless of who is providing such things - eg:
  • When Gavin didn't demand crypto proof from Craig, and you said you would have: I publicly criticized Gavin - and I supported you.
  • When you continue to impose needless obstactles to bigger blocks, then I continue to criticize you.
In other words, as we all know, it's not about the people.
It's about the code - and what the market wants, and what the infrastructure will bear.
You of all people should know that that's how these things should be decided.
Fortunately, we can take what we need, and throw away the rest.
Your crypto/networking expertise is appreciated; your dictating of economic parameters is not.
As I have also repeatedly stated in the past, I pretty much support everything coming from you, nullc:
  • your crypto and networking and game-theoretical expertise,
  • your extremely important work on Confidential Transactions / homomorphic encryption.
  • your desire to keep Bitcoin decentralized.
And I (and the network, and the market/investors) will always thank you profusely and quite sincerely for these massive contributions which you make.
But open-source code is (fortunately) à la carte. It's mix-and-match. We can use your crypto and networking code (which is great) - and we can reject your cripple-code (artificially small 1 MB blocks), throwing it where it belongs: in the garbage heap of history.
So I hope you see that I am being rational and objective about what I support (the code) - and that I am also always neutral and impartial regarding who may (or may not) provide it.
And by the way: Bitcoin is actually not as complicated as certain people make it out to be.
This is another point which might be lost on certain people, including:
And that point is this:
The crypto code behind Bitcoin actually is very simple.
And the networking code behind Bitcoin is actually also fairly simple as well.
Right now you may be feeling rather important and special, because you're part of the first wave of development of cryptocurrencies.
But if the cryptocurrency which you're coding (Core/Blockstream's version of Bitcoin, as funded by the Bilderberg Group) fails to deliver what investors want, then investors will dump you so fast your head will spin.
Investors care about money, not code.
So bigger blocks will eventually, inevitably come - simply because the market demand is there, and the infrastructure capacity is there.
It might be nice if bigger blocks would come from Core/Blockstream.
But who knows - it might actually be nicer (in terms of anti-fragility and decentralization of development) if bigger blocks were to come from someone other than Core/Blockstream.
So I'm really not begging you - I'm warning you, for your own benefit (your reputation and place in history), that:
Either way, we are going to get bigger blocks.
Simply because the market wants them, and the hardware / infrastructre can provide them.
And there is nothing you can do to stop us.
So the market will inevitably adopt bigger blocks either with or without you guys - given that the crypto and networking tech behind Bitcoin is not all that complex, and it's open-source, and there is massive pent-up investor demand for cryptocurrency - to the tune of multiple billions (or eventually trillions) of dollars.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings.
Regarding the "success" which certain small-block supports are (prematurely) gloating about, during this time when a hard-fork has not happened yet: they should bear in mind that the market has only begun to speak.
And the first thing it did when it spoke was to dump about 20-25% of Core/Blockstream nodes in a matter of weeks. (And the next thing it did was Gemini added Ethereum trading.)
So a sizable percentage of nodes are already using Classic. Despite desperate, irrelevant attempts of certain posters on these forums to "spin" the current situation as a "win" for Core - it is actually a major "fail" for Core.
Because if Core/Blocksteam were not "blocking" Bitcoin's natural, organic growth with that crappy little line of temporary anti-spam kludge-code which you and your minions have refused to delete despite Satoshi explicitly telling you to back in 2010 ("MAX_BLOCKSIZE = 1000000"), then there would be something close to 0% nodes running Classic - not 25% (and many more addable at the drop of a hat).
This vote is ongoing.
This "voting" is not like a normal vote in a national election, which is over in one day.
Unfortunately for Core/Blockstream, the "voting" for Classic and against Core is actually two-year-long referendum.
It is still ongoing, and it can rapidly swing in favor of Classic at any time between now and Classic's install-by date (around January 1, 2018 I believe) - at any point when the market decides that it needs and wants bigger blocks (ie, due to a congestion crisis).
You know this, Adam Back knows this, Austin Hill knows this, and some of your brainwashed supporters on censored forums probably know this too.
This is probably the main reason why you're all so freaked out and feel the need to even respond to us unwashed bigger-block supporters, instead of simply ignoring us.
This is probably the main reason why Adam Back feels the need to keep flying around the world, holding meetings with miners, making PowerPoint presentations in English and Chinese, and possibly also making secret deals behind the scenes.
This is also why Theymos feels the need to censor.
And this is perhaps also why your brainwashed supporters from censored forums feel the need to constantly make their juvenile, content-free, drive-by comments (and perhaps also why you evidently feel the need to privately message me your own comments now).
Because, once again, for the umpteenth time in years, you've seen that we are not going away.
Every day you get another worrisome, painful reminder from us that Classic is still running on 25% of "your" network.
And everyday get another worrisome, painful reminder that Classic could easily jump to 75% in a matter of days - as soon as investors see their $7 billion wealth starting to evaporate when the network goes into a congestion crisis due to your obstructionism and insistence on artificially small 1 MB blocks.
If your code were good enough to stand on its own, then all of Core's globetrotting and campaigning and censorship would be necessary.
But you know, and everyone else knows, that your cripple-code does not include simple and safe scaling - and the competing code (Classic, Unlimited) does.
So your code cannot stand on its own - and that's why you and your supporters feel that it's necessary to keep up the censorship and and the lies and the snark. It's shameful that a smart coder like you would be involved with such tactics.
Oppressive regimes always last longer than everyone expects - but they also also collapse faster than anyone expects.
We already have interesting historical precedents showing how grassroots resistance to centralized oppression and obstructionism tends to work out in the end. The phenomenon is two-fold:
  • The oppression usually drags on much longer than anyone expects; and
  • The liberation usually happens quite abruptly - much faster than anyone expects.
The Berlin Wall stayed up much longer than everyone expected - but it also came tumbling down much faster than everyone expected.
Examples of opporessive regimes that held on surprisingly long, and collapsed surpisingly fast, are rather common - eg, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, or the collapse of the Soviet Union.
(Both examples are actually quite germane to the case of Blockstream/Core/Theymos - as those despotic regimes were also held together by the fragile chewing gum and paper clips of denialism and censorship, and the brainwashed but ultimately complacent and fragile yes-men that inevitably arise in such an environment.)
The Berlin Wall did indeed seem like it would never come down. But the grassroots resistance against it was always there, in the wings, chipping away at the oppression, trying to break free.
And then when it did come down, it happened in a matter of days - much faster than anyone had expected.
That's generally how these things tend to go:
  • oppression and obstructionism drag on forever, and the people oppressing freedom and progress erroneously believe that Core/Blockstream is "winning" (in this case: Blockstream/Core and you and Adam and Austin - and the clueless yes-men on censored forums like r\bitcoin who mindlessly support you, and the obedient Chinese miners who, thus far, have apparently been to polite to oppose you) ;
  • then one fine day, the market (or society) mysteriously and abruptly decides one day that "enough is enough" - and the tsunami comes in and washes the oppressors away in the blink of an eye.
So all these non-entities with their drive-by comments on these threads and their premature gloating and triumphalism are irrelevant in the long term.
The only thing that really matters is investors and users - who are continually applying grassroots pressure on the network, demanding increased capacity to keep the transactions flowing (and the price rising).
And then one day: the Berlin Wall comes tumbling down - or in the case of Bitcoin: a bunch of mining pools have to switch to Classic, and they will do switch so fast it will make your head spin.
Because there will be an emergency congestion crisis where the network is causing the price to crash and threatening to destroy $7 billion in investor wealth.
So it is understandable that your supports might sometimes prematurely gloat, or you might feel the need to try to comment publicly or privately, or Adam might feel the need to jet around the world.
Because a large chunk of people have rejected your code.
And because many more can and will - and they'll do in the blink of an eye.
Classic is still out there, "waiting in the wings", ready to be installed, whenever the investors tell the miners that it is needed.
Fortunately for big-block supporters, in this "election", the polls don't stay open for just one day, like in national elections.
The voting for Classic is on-going - it runs for two years. It is happening now, and it will continue to happen until around January 1, 2018 (which is when Classic-as-an-option has been set to officially "expire").
To make a weird comparison with American presidential politics: It's kinda like if either Hillary or Trump were already in office - but meanwhile there was also an ongoing election (where people could change their votes as often as they want), and the day when people got fed up with the incompetent incumbent, they can throw them out (and install someone like Bernie instead) in the blink of an eye.
So while the inertia does favor the incumbent (because people are lazy: it takes them a while to become informed, or fed up, or panicked), this kind of long-running, basically never-ending election favors the insurgent (because once the incumbent visibly screws up, the insurgent gets adopted - permanently).
Everyone knows that Satoshi explicitly defined Bitcoin to be a voting system, in and of itself. Not only does the network vote on which valid block to append next to the chain - the network also votes on the very definition of what a "valid block" is.
Go ahead and re-read the anonymous PDF that was recently posted on the subject of how you are dangerously centralizing Bitcoin by trying to prevent any votes from taking place:
The insurgent (Classic, Unlimited) is right (they maximally use available bandwidth) - while the incumbent (Core) is wrong (it needlessly throws bandwidth out the window, choking the network, suppressing volume, and hurting the price).
And you, and Adam, and Austin Hill - and your funders from the Bilderberg Group - must be freaking out that there is no way you can get rid of Classic (due to the open-source nature of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin).
Cripple-code will always be rejected by the network.
Classic is already running on about 20%-25% of nodes, and there is nothing you can do to stop it - except commenting on these threads, or having guys like Adam flying around the world doing PowerPoints, etc.
Everything you do is irrelevant when compared against billions of dollars in current wealth (and possibly trillions more down the road) which needs and wants and will get bigger blocks.
You guys no longer even make technical arguments against bigger blocks - because there are none: Classic's codebase is 99% the same as Core, except with bigger blocks.
So when we do finally get bigger blocks, we will get them very, very fast: because it only takes a few hours to upgrade the software to keep all the good crypto and networking code that Core/Blockstream wrote - while tossing that single line of 1 MB "max blocksize" cripple-code from Core/Blockstream into the dustbin of history - just like people did with the Berlin Wall.
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18 hours and waiting - What did I do wrong?

EDIT Thank you all for you input, it was very helpful! I understand the fee system/mempool/CPFP/RBF/etc. much better now and have since been able to send transactions considerably faster than the 28.5 hours this one took! Really appreciate the help!
TL;DR - Where did I go wrong with this transaction? It's been 18hrs with 0 confirmations despite showing high priority: https://blockchain.info/tx/ba4a236fc95e20fd9328be5911999ce413c41622f5c86e935f9e3aee7e21cfbd
I dabbled with mining bitcoins for fun a couple of years back and then kind of forgot about it. It came up in conversation recently so I decided to use the small amount I made back then try out cloud mining.
After hours of getting everything setup again (using Armory) I placed the order and sent the bitcoins through from my Armory wallet. 18 hours later and the transaction is yet to be confirmed despite showing as high priority. Other similar value, similar fee transactions have been confirmed
I've done a bunch of reading online and it appears that things are more complicated now than they used to be despite nothing really changing. Satoshi's were not a thing when I first started mining, nor do I remember having to be concerned about the bytes/fee ratio.
Anyway, from my reading most issues seem to come from:
I was wondering if because my coins were confirmed so far back in the chain and I've been inactive since that this might be slowing things down?
Just asking for a bit of advice really to understand why it would be taking this long and how to prevent it in future (higher fee?)
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Community events & happenings Friday Sept 15 - Sunday Sept 17

Event distances from downtown

Friday, Sep 15

Saturday, September 16

Sunday, September 17

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Secure paper wallet tutorial

This is my handout for paranoid people who want a way to store bitcoin safely. It requires a little work, but this is the method I use because it should be resistant to risks associated with:
  1. Bad random number generators
  2. Malicious or flawed software
  3. Hacked computers
If you want a method that is less secure but easier, skip to the bottom of this post.
The Secure Method
  1. Download bitaddress.org. (Try going to the website and pressing "ctrl+s")
  2. Put the bitaddress.org file on a computer with an operating system that has not interacted with the internet much or at all. The computer should not be hooked up to the internet when you do this. You could put the bitaddress file on a USB stick, and then turn off your computer, unplug the internet, and boot it up using a boot-from-CD copy of linux (Ubuntu or Mint for example). This prevents any mal-ware you may have accumulated from running and capturing your keystrokes. I use an old android smart phone that I have done a factory reset on. It has no sim-card and does not have the password to my home wifi. Also the phone wifi is turned off. If you are using a fresh operating system, and do not have a connection to the internet, then your private key will probably not escape the computer.
  3. Roll a die 62 times and write down the sequence of numbers. This gives you 2160 possible outcomes, which is the maximum that Bitcoin supports.
  4. Run bitaddress.org from your offline computer. Input the sequence of numbers from the die rolls into the "Brain Wallet" tab. By providing your own source of randomness, you do not have to worry that the random number generator used by your computer is too weak. I'm looking at you, NSA ಠ_ಠ
  5. Brain Wallet tab creates a private key and address.
  6. Write down the address and private key by hand or print them on a dumb printer. (Dumb printer means not the one at your office with the hard drive. Maybe not the 4 in 1 printer that scans and faxes and makes waffles.) If you hand copy them you may want to hand copy more than one format. (WIF and HEX). If you are crazy and are storing your life savings in Bitcoin, and you hand copy the private key, do a double-check by typing the private key back into the tool on the "Wallet Details" tab and confirm that it recreates the same public address.
  7. Load your paper wallet by sending your bitcoin to the public address. You can do this as many times as you like.
  8. You can view the current balance of your paper wallet by typing the public address into the search box at blockchain.info
  9. If you are using an old cell phone or tablet do a factory reset when you are finished so that the memory of the private keys is destroyed. If you are using a computer with a boot-from-CD copy of linux, I think you can just power down the computer and the private keys will be gone. (Maybe someone can confirm for me that the private keys would not be able to be cached by bitaddress?)
  10. To spend your paper wallet, you will need to either create an offline transaction, or import the private key into a hot wallet. Creating an offline transaction is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Importing to a client side wallet like Bitcoin-Qt, Electrum, MultiBit or Armory is a good idea. You can also import to an online wallet such as Blockchain.info or Coinbase.
Trusting bitaddress.org
The only thing you need bitaddress.org to do is to honestly convert the brainwallet passphrase into the corresponding private key and address. You can verify that it is doing this honestly by running several test passphrases through the copy of bitaddress that you plan on using, and several other brainwallet generators. For example, you could use the online version of bitaddress, and brainwallet and safepaperwallet and bitcoinpaperwallet. If you are fancy with the linux command line, you can also try "echo -n my_die_rolls | sha256sum". The linux operating system should reply with the same private key that bitaddress makes. This protects you from a malicious paper wallet generator.
Trusting your copy of bitaddress.org
Bitaddress publishes the sha1 hash of the bitaddress.org website at this location:
The message is signed by the creator, pointbiz. I found his PGP fingerprint here:
"527B 5C82 B1F6 B2DB 72A0 ECBF 8749 7B91 6397 4F5A"
With this fingerprint, you can authenticate the signed message, which gives you the hash of the current bitaddress.org file. Then you can hash your copy of the file and authenticate the file.
I do not have a way to authenticate the fingerprint itself, sorry. According to the website I linked to, git has cryptographic traceability that would enable a person to do some research and authenticate the fingerprint. If you want to go that far, knock yourself out. I think that the techniques described in this document do not really rely on bitaddress being un-corrupt. Anyway, how do we know pointbiz is a good guy? ;-)
There are a lot of skilled eyes watching bitaddress.org and the signed sha1 hash. To gain the most benefit from all of those eyes, it's probably worthwhile to check your copy by hashing it and comparing to the published hash.
"But we aren't supposed to use brainwallets"
You are not supposed to use brainwallets that have predictable passphrases. People think they are pretty clever about how they pick their passphrases, but a lot of bitcoins have been stolen because people tend to come up with similar ideas. If you let dice generate the passphrase, then it is totally random, and you just need to make sure to roll enough times.
How to avoid spending your life rolling dice
When I first started doing this, I rolled a die 62 times for each private key. This is not necessary. You can simply roll the die 62 times and keep the sequence of 62 numbers as a "seed". The first paper address you create would use "my die rolls-1" as the passphrase, the second would be "my die rolls-2" and so on. This is safe because SHA256 prevents any computable relationship between the resulting private key family.
Of course this has a certain bad security scenario -- if anyone obtains the seed they can reconstruct all of your paper wallets. So this is not for everyone! On the other hand, it also means that if you happen to lose one of your paper wallets, you could reconstruct it so long as you still had the seed.
One way to reduce this risk is to add an easy to remember password like this: "my die rolls-password-1".
If you prefer, you can use a technique called diceware to convert your die rolls to words that still contain the same quantity of entropy, but which could be easier to work with. I don't use diceware because it's another piece of software that I have to trust, and I'm just copy/pasting my high entropy seed, so I don't care about how ugly it is.
Why not input the dice as a Base 6 private key on the Wallet Details tab?
Two reasons. First of all, this option requires that you roll the die 99 times, but you do not get meaningful additional protection by rolling more than 62 times. Why roll more times if you don't have to? Second, I use the "high entropy seed" method to generate multiple private keys from the same die rolls. Using the Base 6 option would require rolling 99 times for every private key.
I'm a big nerd with exotic dice. How many times to roll?
Put this formula in Excel to get the number of times to roll: "=160*LOG(2,f)" where f = number of faces on the die. For example, you would roll a d16 40 times. By the way, somewhat unbelievably casino dice are more fair than ordinary dice
The "Change address" problem:
You should understand change addresses because some people have accidentally lost money by not understanding it.
Imagine your paper wallet is a 10 dollar bill. You use it to buy a candy bar. To do this you give the cashier the entire 10 dollar bill. They keep 1 dollar and give you 9 dollars back as change.
With Bitcoin, you have to explicitly say that you want 9 dollars back, and you have to provide an address where it should go to. If you just hand over the 10 dollar bill, and don't say you want 9 dollars back, then the miner who processes the transaction gives 1 dollar to the store and keeps the remainder themselves.
Wallet software like Bitcoin-Qt handles this automatically for you. They automatically make "change addresses" and they automatically construct transactions that make the change go to the change address.
There are three ways I know of that the change problem can bite you:
  1. You generate a raw transaction by hand, and screw up. If you are generating a transaction "by hand" with a raw transaction editor, you need to be extra careful that your outputs add up to the same number as your inputs. Otherwise, the very lucky miner who puts your transaction in a block will keep the difference.
  2. You import a paper wallet into a wallet software and spend part of it, and then think that the change is in the paper wallet. The change is not in the paper wallet. It is in a change address that the wallet software generated. That means that if you lose your wallet.dat file you will lose all the change. The paper wallet is empty.
  3. You import a paper wallet into a wallet software and spend part of it, and then think that the change is in the change address that the wallet software generated. If the transaction did not need to consume all of the "outputs" used to fund the paper wallet, then there could be some unspent outputs still located at the address of the paper wallet. If you destroyed the paper wallet, and destroyed the copy of the private key imported to the wallet software, then you could not access this money. (E.g. if you restored the software wallet from its seed, thinking all of the money was moved to the wallet-generated change addresses.)
For more on this, see here
The hot paper wallet problem
Your bitcoin in your paper wallet are secure, so long as the piece of paper is secure, until you go to spend it. When you spend it, you put the private key onto a computer that is connected to the internet. At this point you must regard your paper wallet address as hot because the computer you used may have been compromised. It now provides much less protection against theft of your coins. If you need the level of protection that a cold paper wallet provides, you need to create a new one and send your coins to it.
Destroying your paper wallet address
Do not destroy the only copy of a private key without verifying that there is no money at that address. Your client may have sent change to your paper wallet address without you realizing it. Your client may have not consumed all of the unspent outputs available at the paper wallet address. You can go to blockchain.info and type the public address into the search window to see the current balance. I don't bother destroying my used/empty paper wallet addresses. I just file them away.
Encrypting your private key
BIP 0038 describes a standardized way to encrypt your paper wallet private key. A normal paper wallet is vulnerable because if anyone sees the private key they can take the coins. The BIP38 protocol is even resistant to brute force attacks because it uses a memory intensive encryption algorithm called scrypt. If you want to encrypt your wallets using BIP38, I recommend that you use bitcoinpaperwallet because they will let you type in your own private key and will encrypt it for you. As with bitaddress, for high security you should only use a local copy of this website on a computer that will never get connected to the internet.
Splitting your private key
Another option for protecting the private key is to convert it into multiple fragments that must be brought together. This method allows you to store pieces of your key with separate people in separate locations. It can be set up so that you can reconstitute the private key when you have any 2 out of the 3 fragments. This technique is called Shamir's Secret Sharing. I have not tried this technique, but you may find it valuable. You could try using this website http://passguardian.com/ which will help you split up a key. As before, you should do this on an offline computer. Keep in mind if you use this service that you are trusting it to work properly. It would be good to find other independently created tools that could be used to validate the operation of passguardian. Personally, I would be nervous destroying the only copy of a private key and relying entirely on the fragments generated by the website.
Looks like Bitaddress has an implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing now under the "Split Wallet" tab. However it would appear that you cannot provide your own key for this, so you would have to trust bitaddress.
Durable Media
Pay attention to the media you use to record your paper wallet. Some kinds of ink fade, some kinds of paper disintegrate. Moisture and heat are your enemies.
In addition to keeping copies of my paper wallet addresses I did the following:
  1. Order a set of numeric metal stamps. ($10)
  2. Buy a square galvanized steel outlet cover from the hardware store ($1)
  3. Buy a sledgehammer from the hardware store
  4. Write the die rolls on the steel plate using a sharpie
  5. Use the hammer to stamp the metal. Do all the 1's, then all the 2's etc. Please use eye protection, as metal stamp may emit sparks or fly unexpectedly across the garage. :-)
  6. Use nail polish remover to erase the sharpie
If you trust electrum you might try running it on an offline computer, and having it generate a series of private keys from a seed. I don't have experience with this software, but it sounds like there are some slick possibilities there that could save you time if you are working with a lot of addresses.
Message to the downvoters
I would appreciate it if you would comment, so that I can learn from your opinion. Thanks!
The Easy Method
This method is probably suitable for small quantities of bitcoin. I would not trust it for life-altering sums of money.
  1. Download the bitaddress.org website to your hard drive.
  2. Close your browser
  3. Disconnect from the internet
  4. Open the bitaddress.org website from your hard drive.
  5. Print a paper wallet on your printer
  6. Close your browser
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Bitcoin Armory, got BTC deposited into my wallet but it is OFFLINE, NEED HELP GETTING IT ONLINE!!!!

as the title said, i got a deposit into my bitcoin armory wallet, and its offline, i think cold storage is the word used. I am looking for help getting it back online as i am not a computer guy in the slightest. its all very very new and scary to me, ive moved it to my D:/ drive for more space, did the little that I could. I would greatly appreciate any help and figured this is the place to do it. Ive found out the company is dissolved and it is maintained by the community so i figured why not come to the biggest community in the world!
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Help redeeming gift from 2014

Back in 2014 a stranger gifted me a paper for the Secret Santa. It has a picture of a 10$ bill on a background of a render of bitcoin "bills" and "coins". In that paper there are:
At the time I put some effort into it, but couldn't figure out how to redeem it, and since I didn't know the sender I couldn't ask him, so I let it be. With the recent bitcoin craze I decided it was worth giving it another shot to see if I can use whatever funds there are as an excuse to learn how all this works.
I've read quite a bit, watched a few youtube videos, installed bitcoincore and my computer maintains a core now. I also created a wallet with Armory. Still, I haven't been able to access the address. When I try to sweep it in Armory by inputting the private key I get the following error:
There was an error processing the private key data. Please check that you entered it correctly.
I'm guessing either the account doesn't actually exist or (most probably) the codes I have are shorthand, compressed, or something of the like that I just don't get.
If you are willing to help, I'll greatly appreciate it. I believe I have given all the information that I have, with the obvious exception of the keys. Ask me if there's any other necessary detail I may have missed to report though!
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Armory Wallet Has Failed Me! Can I recover BTC?

So I opted to migrate from coinbase to a local wallet.
Naturally, I download Armory and shoot it a send for 1BTC. 225 confirmations on the SEND, but wallet never receives it.
Turns out, running Armory wallet has been corrupting my database. Every time I run it a background process it spawns causes Bitcoin-QT to fail.
I've tried uninstalling and re-installing bitcoin, armory wallet three times. I've deleted my bitcoin directory in %appdata%, ensured downloads are never interrupted.
Is there any way at all for me to recover the BitCoin I sent to armory wallet provided I can never get armory wallet to work correctly?
Any help appreciated. Here is the errors:
2015-08-21 14:48:15 init message: Activating best chain... 2015-08-21 14:49:23 Corruption: block checksum mismatch 2015-08-21 14:49:23 *** System error while flushing: Database corrupted
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Need some advise/help according development on bitcoin/ethereum.

Hi everyone!
I am looking and trying to create my own project, which would accept BTC and ETH. I successfully created deposit module to both blockchains (to let users be able make deposits), which is working pretty good, but I should notice - info is not gathered from blockchain and I dont have full nodes anywhere.
Now I want to create withdrawal module - again, for Ethereum and Bitcoin. Main issue is that I do not really know how could I create/sign transactions on those blockchain, without downloading full node. Like there are some wallets (bitcoin core, armory) and even online services (for airgapped pcs) on blokchain.info and myetherwallet.com, but they do not have any API or either they require full node. I am simply looking for some algorithm/tool which will let me create and sign transactions with my private keys, so then I would be able to broadcast them.
Any kind of help is really appreciated,Thanks!
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Secure Storage of Bitcoins

Hello All,
Throwaway here. I was hoping you could help guide me on how to best store a very large amount of Bitcoin. I have done a lot of research and the following is my thought process:
There are really two separate groups of attackers one must defend themselves against; hackers (virtual aggressors) and targeted personal attacks; break-ins/muggings and agents of the State (physical aggressors).
Let's first start with virtual aggressors. To protect against this, one must stick with paper backups, and either cold storage or hardware wallets, where the private keys never transfer to a device that is connected to the internet. According to the research I have done, the best options would either be Armory or Trezor.
My concern with Armory is the badUSB firmware hack that was big news last year, and the fact that using cold storage with Armory requires the transferring of signed transactions back and forth with a USB device. I have found this open source USB: (http://www.inversepath.com/usbarmory.html), but I am unaware of how well audited this is and if this would protect me if the online computer I use could be infected. If not, I would need to buy two computers, one for cold storage and one to hold the online version of Armory (and never do anything else). With Trezor, my concern is that it is newer than Armory and therefore probably hasn't seen as much review, and I have more concerns about how it could protect against aggressors discussed in the following sections. The recent NSA firmware hacks revelations concern me in both scenarios, but I see no way to ease my paranoia with this.
For physical aggressors, I believe that the best protection is the actual incapability to hand over your Bitcoins. In other words, having a 50 character password that is written down on a piece of paper next to your computer that runs Armory offline, while great for protecting against virtual aggressors, is terribly insufficient for protecting against physical aggressors. The following are ways this could be protected against:
Armory has very well documented multi-sig support (Lockbox), but I have concerns with how/if this could work with cold storage. Even if this could, I cannot expect the other signers to buy and set up another computer for signing the transactions offline. I would then be making my Bitcoin less secure, for I would be the only party with offline signing, and the other involved parties could be targeted by virtual aggressors, and my funds would no longer have any protections against them. (For example, if I have a 2-of-3 Lockbox, the other 2 parties with online signing could be targeted). For Trezor, my current understanding is that multi-sig support is still in a sort of beta phase, where it is only integrated through a web wallet at the moment. While I think if this were ever widely integrated it would be great (because I could buy the other signers a Trezor, which would protect against virtual aggressors), I do not want to rely on a centralized service to access my coins. And I do not know how long it will take until this is updated. In addition to this, I would prefer to not have to rely on other parties to access funds that are solely my own.
Another idea is to use Armory to set up a wallet and the backups. I can set up a Lockbox with minimal funds for a “plausible deniability” of my real, vast majority of my funds (sort of like TrueCrypt’s hidden volume feature). The fake, minimal funds Lockbox would protect against non-State break-ins (to protect against a $5 wrench attack). I then have two options to secure the real funds, and how to protect against State-sanctioned break-ins and seizures.
(1) Use an incredibly strong password for my backups, backup to many places online, and memorize the password without writing it down anywhere. That way, the coins cannot be sent by an unwelcome party, and the backups cannot be seized or imported. This, however, has the same faults as a brainwallet does, in that if my password is able to memorized, it is most likely not secure enough. And I really am not comfortable trusting myself to memorize something, or forever lose all my money.
(2) Do not set a password, create fragmented backups, and then destroy the computer. Either hide the fragmented backups in various places (not on your property), and/or give to trusted friends. This has the same faults as a multi-signature wallet (relying on other people for your own funds), but has the added benefit of not opening up the additional attack vector of virtual aggressors.
While I think the best solution will involve something with Armory and a fake Lockbox with minimal funds, I am now out of ideas, and have found no perfect solution.
People may think the section of protecting against State-sanctioned physical aggressors is overly paranoid, but I think it is important to remember that there was a time in the United States’ history when holding gold was outlawed. When Bitcoin begins to really challenge the power of governments around the world, I would not be too surprised if they come after Bitcoin as well.
I know this has been a huge wall of text, but I tried very hard to keep it as concise and organized as possible. Please correct me if anything I have said above is outdated or just wrong.
Thank you so much for reading all of this, and if you have any ideas on how to best protect against everything discussed above, I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!
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Confusion over transactions in Armory. Please help this stupid person.

Hi there, So I've just done a test and sent over some coins to a new wallet in Armory. It's been a few hours and the balance in the wallet hasn't changed, even though when I view the address in the blockchain, it seems the transaction went fine (https://blockchain.info/address/1LirpXmQBmY5phjdUBzg7hPY2hNCTMwHkJ) I'm just wondering whether I've missed something obvious? The blocks are sync'd fine between bitcoin core and Armory. Is it usual that the balance might take a long time to show? Hope I'm making even a tiny bit of sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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[help] Error sweeping private key

This is a x-post from /BitcoinBeginners with consolidated details from the comments there. A couple of people very kindly tried to help, but it seems we've reached the boundaries of our knowledge.
Back in 2014 a stranger gifted me a paper for the Secret Santa. It has a picture of a 10$ bill on a background of a render of bitcoin "bills" and "coins". In that paper there are:
At the time I put some effort into it, but couldn't figure out how to redeem it, and since I didn't know the sender I couldn't ask him, so I let it be. With the recent bitcoin craze I decided it was worth giving it another shot to see how much that actually is and if I can use whatever funds there are as an excuse to learn how all this works.
I've read quite a bit, watched a few youtube videos, installed bitcoincore and my computer maintains a core now. I also created a wallet with Armory. Still, I haven't been able to access the address.
When I try to sweep it in Armory by inputting the private key I get the following error:
There was an error processing the private key data. Please check that you entered it correctly.
When I try to import the private key into a Bitcoin Core wallet, it returns the following error: Invalid private key encoding (code -5)
I'm guessing either no transfer was ever made to address (but should it return an error then or just empty?) or -most probably- the codes I have are shorthand, compressed, or something of the like that I just don't get.
If you are willing to help, I'll greatly appreciate it. I believe I have given all the information that I have, with the obvious exception of the keys. Ask me if there's any other necessary detail I may have missed to report though!
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Armory Paper Wallet?

My friend has a paper backup for Amory Wallet. How do I retrieve the bitcoin? Is the Armory Wallet still active? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Armory Problem

I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction with this but any help would be appreciated. I had some issues when first installing armory years ago but I have now been trying to get the program to work for over a week. I used bitcoin core to update the blockchain first, as worked last time, then after a few days of downloading, I thought I was ready to go. Armory has now been on for two days. Getting to 75% of initializing bitcoin engine took very little time but I am still only on 82%! Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to speed the process up? I have an awful net connection, less than 5mbs. Thanks for reading
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Trying to find config files and seeds for mined Bitcoin in 2013

Hi all! In December of 2013 I decided to use my new desktop to mine some bitcoin just to see what it was all about. After about 4 days I decided it wasn't worth my time and just forgot about it. I was looking back through my hard drive and found that I had downloaded the following files: bitcoin-0.8.6-win32 . zip cgminer-3.8.3-x86_64-built.tar . bz2 cgminer-3.8.3-windows . zip easyminer . exe guiminer-20121203 . exe armory_0.90-beta_winAll . exe I pretty much completely forget how much I mined or where I might have stored the seeds but I hoping that one of y'all know a bit more about these programs and where the default storage spots might be and if there will be any useful info there. Any help is appreciated!
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$15 equivalent of Bitcoin(Bounty) if you help me recover some funds.

A couple of months ago I sent €100 worth (it's now worth a bit more) of BTC to a friend to pay him back for money he loaned me at a music festival. Since then neither he or I have been able to recover the funds. We are both very new to the world of Bitcoin/Crypto.
I sent him the BTC from Core and it has hundreds of confirmations. The problem is he was/is new to the tech and was a bit confused and was just starting with freshly downloaded Armory and Bitcoin Core wallets. So both his wallets are showing up empty at the moment. Another thing was that he had his wallets saved to his external hard drive.
I've checked the address I sent it to on Blockchain.info and it's there , tantalizingly close, but yet so far.
I'm quite poor so forgetting about this money would be a giant pain in the cajones.
Help would be hugly appreciated and If I manage to access the btc I promise to and will glady give a cut to whomever. Thanks
Tl;dr... Noob, looking for help, cash reward in it for help.
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No One Respects Esports - YouTube Crypto Mining YouTubers APPRECIATION! Bitcoin in Real Life 01 BITCOIN Halving  What to EXPECT! - YouTube how to mine for bitcoin core

Bitcoin Ecosystem Map 1 Armory Technologies 2 Blockchain.info 3 Coinbase 4 EasyWallet 5 StrongCoin 6 Flexcoin 7 BitInstant 8 BitPay 9 BIPS 10 BitPagos 11 eCoin Cashier 14 Bitcoinary 15 Mt.Gox 16 BitStamp 17 Coinsetter 18 Kraken 19 BTC-E 20 Coinabul 21 BitBox 22 Crypto::Stocks 23 ButterflyLabs 24 Avalon 27 Robocoin 28 BitcoinATM 29 Exante 30 BitCoin Investment Trust 31 Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ... As far as currency appreciation is concerned, looking at the bitcoin price today and studying the bitcoin price charts so readily available on the websites of bitcoin converters like coinbase, one can see that those who bought in early and kept their bitcoins have become very rich as at now with the currency appreciation on such a rise. The exchange rate of the bitcoin currency varies with the ... Let Armory index bitcoin core. Neither version 0.96, nor version 0.95.1 liked that sequence. Then tried installing the version 0.14 bitcoin core database first & unchecked the run bitcoin core. Version .96 of armory doesn't recognize the 0.14 core database. Version 0.95.1 seems to recognize the 0.14 core database, but gets stuck for a few days ... “The slower appreciation of the US dollar against the Chinese yuan in comparison to bitcoin against the greenback shows that Saxo Bank’s $2,000 forecast is not unrealistic.” So now would definitely be the time to get on board, if you’re even considering becoming a Bitcoin miner. You can now store your Bitcoin at any address! (Must have been done before the Hex snapshot on December 2nd) Here are some wallets that have been tested that you can use to claim HEX coins: Electrum, Coinomi (mobile only), Bitcoin Core, Mycelium, Bither, Bitcoin Knots, Armory, Trezor, Ledger wallet, KeepKey, Trezor through Electrum (for bc1 ...

[index] [51172] [46987] [43868] [40206] [42088] [20804] [48423] [40982] [42045] [48327]

No One Respects Esports - YouTube

In this episode, I share my experience using Bitcoin in Real Life, trading, using, building the physical network, securing the network, and more. Today we hunt the Nightshade Paolumu in 1440p (QHD)! But not before we craft Appreciation Festival Armor! With this current event, I managed to regain a good... Armory 45,803 views. 3:14. 2018 03 04 How to Use the Bitcoin Core Wallet Part 2 - Duration: 7:20. Thomas Wayne Hatcher 173 views. 7:20. Letting go of my Bitcoin mining farm! Leverage trading ... #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Appreciation. Category Science & Technology; Show more Show less. Loading... Hide chat Show chat. Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will ... Make money easily 850$ to 5k per week with Bitcoin Mining BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt http://youtu.be/eO-yrpQpIT8 What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S Firs...